Inspiring healthier lives

Promoting wellbeing

At Musgrave, we recognise that we have an important role to play to encourage, support and inspire people to live healthier, more active lives. As a food business, we understand that nutrition fuels healthy lives and recognise our responsibility to lead the promotion of health and wellbeing with colleagues, customers, partners and shoppers.

Our commitments

By 2020 we will:

  • Grow our sales of healthier products in SuperValu and Centra by 25%
  • Support colleagues to make Musgrave one of the healthiest workplaces in Ireland
  • Ensure that 40% of food promotions in SuperValu and Centra will be on healthier products
  • Reduce salt and sugar in our own brand products by 10%
  • Increase our healthy own brand ranges by 20%
  • Support over 2,000 foodservice customers to create healthier menus
  • Support over 300 symbol operators to create a healthier food offer

Healthier own brands

In 2016, as part of a programme to reduce the levels of salt and sugar in our own brand ranges, we reformulated our own brand cooking sauces. Our approach was to gradually reduce the levels of salt and added sugar, without impacting the taste, texture and overall performance of the product. On average, we reduced salt by 21% and sugar by 33% across the range. The new recipes were very well received by our shoppers and we are now replicating this approach across other own brand ranges.

Nutritious offerings

Our focus to date has been on ensuring our nutritious food options are inspiring and delicious, whilst remaining affordable and accessible to everyone. This means working with suppliers on new, healthier products, as well as reformulating existing ones; educating and supporting colleagues on healthier food and active lifestyles; and inspiring consumers to make their own changes.

A network inspiring change

With our stores at the heart of towns and cities across Ireland, we feed many thousands of people every day. We are building a network for positive change, working hard to inspire healthier lifestyles by helping customers improve their understanding of the relationship between their health, the food they eat and the lifestyles they lead. Working with partners, using technology and through our network of local stores and organisations, we want to improve the health and wellbeing of more than 2 million people across the island of Ireland.

Changing the nation’s habits

We believe the way to inspire better eating and exercise habits is to reach out to people of all ages, working with partners to create initiatives that really make a difference. From individuals making decisions about the food they feed their family, to organisations creating healthier working environments, to chefs developing menus for people in their care, we want people to make better choices, to cook from scratch at home, and enjoy using fresh, seasonal produce.

Inspirational health campaigns

SuperValu’s Good Food Karma campaign continues to promote cooking from scratch, using nutritious ingredients and making healthy choices daily. The newest part of the campaign, Get Ireland Cooking, asks top Irish chefs to devise a range of healthy, simple recipes that shoppers can recreate at home. Meanwhile, following on from the success of the Live Well healthy eating range in Centra stores, the popular Live Every Day campaign was launched, inspiring healthy food, active living and enjoyment of every day.

As part of our commitment to making our overall range healthier, we will continue to improve the ingredient and nutritional profile of own brand ranges.

Sharon Buckley
Commercial Director, Musgrave

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