We are independently audited and regularly report on our environmental performance

Did you know?

Over the past 10 years, our business has grown by almost 50% and at the same time our carbon footprint has reduced by more than 50% in absolute terms.

Did you know?

Our advanced route planning and scheduling systems help our delivery drivers avoid or reduce mileage whenever they can, while our backhaul process has also helped our suppliers to cut their mileage.

Did you know?

We work hard to recycle as much waste as possible. In 2015 we managed to recycle 97% of the waste generated by our business, up from 63% since 2006.

Latest news

Addressing the sustainability challenge

We’re proud of our success in food retail. Together with our retail partners we serve about a third of the Irish population, supplying everything from daily food requirements to regional artisan specialities. However, this is a business that makes a lot of demands on the environment. Delivering food to shops, keeping it fresh and supplying […]

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