100% fresh Irish pork, beef and lamb

Driving sustainable sourcing and consumption

We aim to source sustainably and ethically and with due regard to the fair treatment of workers within our supply chain. Wherever possible we consume resources so as to minimise any negative impacts on the environment. We work with suppliers to protect animal welfare and enhance biodiversity.




Ethical sourcing

Ethical sourcingWe are working with suppliers to ensure that own-brand products and ingredients are sourced ethically and that we have full traceability. We aim to develop clear links between our brands and provenance so that consumers automatically associate our brands with high ethical standards.

Human rights

Human rights We work to ensure that the human and labour rights of all employees in our supply chain are respected. We aim to communicate to key stakeholders the requirements of our Ethical Trading Policy, which describes our position and supports the principles of the UN’s Global Compact.

Sustainable consumption

SustainableOur own brand products will be produced with minimal use of energy and natural resources and the lowest impacts on the environment. We will promote seasonal, local and low carbon in own-brand and work with accreditation bodies such as Rain Forest Alliance, Marine Stewardship Council, and the Forest Stewardship Council to underpin the integrity of our brands.

Animal welfare and biodiversity

WelfareWe try to ensure that animal welfare is protected in our supply chain and that farming methods and the production of meat enhance rather than degrade biodiversity within local ecosystems. We will work with local experts and organisations such as Bord Bia and Red Tractor and with appropriate NGOs, to enhance production standards.

Local commitment

We are passionate about the the robustness of our supply chain and our commitment to quality. For example, SuperValu and Centra stores stock 100% fresh Irish pork, beef and lamb which is born and reared in Ireland and 100% National Dairy Council approved milk for its own brand milk range.

SuperValu has also demonstrated its commitment to Irish suppliers through a range of initiatives, such as becoming the first retailer in Ireland to adopt the IdentiGEN National DNA Traceback Programme for bacon and its role in the Food Academy programme.

United Nations Global Compact

United NationsSince May 2004, we have been signatories to the UN’s Global Compact and continue to do business responsibly by aligning our strategies and operations with the UN’s Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We report our progress on these areas annually to the UN.

Working responsibly

We are proud to be the only Irish retailer to have achieved the Business Working Responsibly Mark – Ireland’s first and only independently audited certification for responsible and sustainable business practices based on ISO 26000. It recognises our performance across 27 key indicators and over 300 individual metrics within five key areas including, workplace, marketplace, environment, community and CR management and communication.

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