Sourcing responsibly

Setting standards

As an Irish family business with a 140-year heritage, Musgrave has built its reputation and that of its brands on the strong, long term relationships we have with our supplier partners. We are working to increase the transparency of the supply chain and to constantly improve sustainability, taking account of environmental, biodiversity and livelihood factors.

Our commitments

  • We will set leading standards for sourcing; continuously raising the bar on transparency across our entire supply chain
  • We will collaborate with government agencies, Bord Bia and Origin Green to ensure that 100% of our Irish meat and dairy are always in compliance with the highest standards of production
  • By 2020, 100% of our SuperValu and Centra branded Irish meat and fresh produce will be sourced from certified Origin Green suppliers
  • By 2018, we will establish a system to audit labour standards and the treatment of workers in our fresh and own-brand supply chains
  • By 2020, we will increase the sales of small suppliers by 25%, supported by our Food Academy programmes in Retail and Food Service
  • We will continuously improve the sustainability standards of our meat, fish and produce, taking account of environmental, biodiversity and livelihood factors

It’s all about trust

As a leading food business, we are aware of the need to retain the trust shoppers have that the food we sell is of the highest quality and has been produced and sourced to strict ethical, animal welfare and food safety standards. We are working to increase the transparency of the supply chain and to constantly improve sustainability standards, making it easier for consumers to trust the provenance and the quality of their food. We only work with suppliers who take due care of their people and the environment in which they operate.

Shared responsibility

At Musgrave we have the ability to positively impact the whole Irish food chain, from the prosperity of farming and traditional food production, to the quality of produce and the economic wealth of the industry. But we can only do this by mobilising our whole network, from the large suppliers to the small artisan producers,from our retail partners to their store employees and the local people they serve. We seek out and promote Irish suppliers, but we need all producers to commit to continually raising their environmental, ethical and animal welfare standards to meet the expectations of today’s shoppers and build a thriving eco-system that is sustainable for the long term.

Food Academy

Musgrave Food Academy was established in 2013 as a joint initiative between Musgrave, Bord Bia and the Local Enterprise Network, to harness the energy and passion of entrepreneurial food producers from all over Ireland. Since its foundation Food Academy has supported over 600 local suppliers and created over 1,000 jobs. Due to its success in 2016 we expanded Food Academy to create Foodservice Academy, a new programme run by our Musgrave MarketPlace division. This has seen the first 10 small food and drink producers join a programme to harness their passion and talent to bring great local Irish food to the foodservice sector.

Influencing shoppers’ food choices

Our retail stores play a pivotal role in supporting shoppers to make informed choices by showcasing the best of Irish produce on their shelves. Meanwhile employees and communities can play their part by choosing products that support independent food producers in Ireland.

Local commitment

We are passionate about the robustness of our supply chain and our commitment to quality. For example, SuperValu and Centra stores stock 100% fresh Irish pork, beef and lamb which is born and reared in Ireland and 100% National Dairy Council approved milk for its own brand milk range. SuperValu has also demonstrated its commitment to Irish suppliers through a range of initiatives, such as becoming the first retailer in Ireland to adopt the IdentiGEN National DNA Traceback Programme for bacon and its role in the Food Academy programme.

Today over 350 small food producers are a part of Food Academy; supplying our SuperValu network. These producers share with us an ambition for local sourcing, local business and local success.

Martin Kelleher
Managing Director, SuperValu & Centra

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